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I recently visited CosMc’s, a unique take on McDonald’s, and I’m excited to share my experience. The menu was filled with an amazing variety of drinks, including many coffee options and several breakfast items. I was intrigued by their “Signature Galactic Boosts” section, which featured teas, sodas, slushies, frappes, and coffees. They also had tons of customization options like espresso shots, syrups, and boba.


The drink selection was intriguing, with items like a Sour Cherry Energy Burst, Churro Frappe, and Popping Pear Slush. There were even savory options like a spicy queso sandwich and a creamy avocado tomatillo sandwich. Some familiar McDonald’s items like the Egg McMuffin were also on the menu.

Although I wanted to try the Churro Frappe, it was sold out, so I went for the Chai Frappe Burst instead. This chai frappe with boba, whipped cream, and cinnamon was a delightful surprise that tasted a bit like horchata. I’d definitely order it again. Then there was the Popping Pear Drink, a prickly pear slush that became my favorite. It was refreshing, not too sweet, and the boba added a great touch.

I also tried the S’mores Cold Brew, but it wasn’t as impressive. The mix of syrupy sweetness and bitterness didn’t work well for me.

The pretzel bites with spicy queso sauce were next. The pretzel bites were soft and fluffy, and the spicy cheese sauce added a nice kick. Then came the McPops, doughnut holes with fillings like hazelnut, cookie butter, and apple cinnamon. Each flavor was delicious, especially the cookie butter.


For sandwiches, the Creamy Avocado Tomatillo Sandwich was a good choice, with a fluffy egg, bacon, and a tasty avocado sauce. But the star was the Spicy Queso Sandwich – a tasty combination of egg, sausage, jalapeno chips and spicy queso sauce.

Overall, my trip to CosMc’s was a fantastic experience, and I’m looking forward to going back for more!

I had the opportunity to chat with several locals who recently visited the restaurant to get their firsthand experiences and opinions.

Juan-Freeman Garcia-Harris: “The service and drinks were fantastic, despite the long lines on opening day. The local police did a great job directing traffic. It’s a place I will definitely return to.”

Steak Burger: “I visited at an off-peak time, but even then the wait was about 3 hours. The popularity of this place is evident from the long lines.

Marty Kuta, local guide: “The drive-through only format, due to its newness, resulted in a 3-4 hour wait. But the shakes and sandwiches made it worth it. This place is going to be a hit for a long time.

Anthony Beimal: “The Chai Frappe Burst and McPops were a treat, even though I had to wait an hour in the drive-through. I’m looking forward to my next visit.

Scott: “The line was incredibly long. It was hard for people to even get out of their parking spots.

A, local guide: “The coffee here is better than Starbucks! I loved the Sausage Egg McMuffin paired with their coffee. This place exceeded my expectations.

Colleen: “I came early on opening day. The menu was much larger than I expected, full of fun animations. The Sour Cherry Slush and McPops were my favorites.

Scottie Pippen 33, local guide: Commented humorously on the long waits and people’s eagerness to review their experiences on opening day.

Lori Reader, Local Guide: “The drive-through only format looked fun, but the line was too long on opening day. We plan to come back another day.

Trin DK: “They have great deals with great drinks.”

Shawn L, local guide: “Loved the coffee and the fun atmosphere.”

Occasional Everything: “The pretzel bites with queso and the island pick-me-up punch were standout items.

Derek Rosario: “Despite the long wait, the overall experience was good.

Mills Argunite: Remembered McDonald’s past endeavors.

Gerardo Lopez: Praised the great coffee.

Sean W, local guide: Simply put, “Sooo good.”

Ted Williams, local guide, and Henry Neuberger: Both commented on the ample and free parking.

Mama Michalski and DevilDog iZ: Provided more concise but positive reviews.

Melina C, Local Guide: Commented on the varied menu.

GroenFan, Celina McDaniel and PvsZHero 311: Shared their enthusiasm, but didn’t go into specifics.

Stacey S, Local Guide: Appreciated the experience, just visited a day ago.

Matthew Gonzalez and Christine K, Local Guide: Noticed the long wait times, but enjoyed specific items like the churro frappe and McPops.

Melissa Tomany, Local Guide: Felt the hype was a bit much given the long lines.

Alli S (Veridyan), Local Guide: Enjoyed the drinks and noticed some inconsistencies in service.

Morgan McGrew: Gave a brief but positive review.

Raf, Local Guide: Recommended the McPops and praised the spicy queso sandwich.

Concetta Colinelli: Was willing to wait again for the McPops despite a mixed overall experience.

Dr. Myisha Mosley, local guide: Expressed concern about the high sugar content and lack of healthier options.

Paul Castellanos: Enjoyed the food but had mixed feelings about the drinks.

Jackson Lambrecht: Felt the experience was overhyped and disorganized.

Jose, Local Guide: Commented on the closing times and long waits.

Joseph: Expressed disappointment, especially with the queso sandwich and overall organization.

Jon Scobell: Found it difficult to even get in line because of the disorganization.

These interviews paint a picture of a new restaurant with a mixed bag of experiences. While the innovative menu items like McPops and unique drinks received high praise, the long wait times and operational challenges on opening day left some customers frustrated. CosMc’s has undoubtedly captured the interest of the community, and it will be interesting to see how it evolves to meet customer expectations.

Ashok Selvam, the esteemed editor of Eater Chicago, brings his wealth of experience and culinary insight to With a degree from Syracuse University and a deep-rooted connection to Chicago, his journey with Eater began in 2014. At, Ashok specializes in reviewing and writing about Cosmcs restaurants and their offerings, showcasing his expertise in the vibrant food scene. His native Chicago background, combined with his tenure at Eater, gives him a unique perspective on the culinary landscape, making his reviews and articles both informative and engaging for food enthusiasts.

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